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Το καλάθι σας

Introduction to XT Doll’s innovative features

XT Doll is a new force in the doll market, quickly establishing itself with innovative features that other doll brands don't have. For doll enthusiasts seeking innovation, they are a brand worth exploring to understand the latest features and craftsmanship in the market. We have had in-depth discussions with XT Doll, and our website is an authorized distributor. Purchasing dolls from our website comes with significant discounts and various customization options. Let's take a closer look!

1.3D custom design is one of the distinctive features of XTDOLL, catering to the needs of customized customers.

If you want to customize an exclusive head model, we can help you achieve this goal. You just need to provide photos of the character. There are no copyright issues, but you will need to pay an additional fee to use it as a sculpting model. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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2.Introducing the new silicone body.

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3.Doll body super heating function.

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4.XTdoll interactive feedback leg function.

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5.XTDOLL: Zero Reverse thrust vagina.

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6.Silicone head permanent makeup.

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7.Subcutaneous heating.

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8.super reduce weight body shape.

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9.XTDOLL product details processing, product quality inspection.

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10.Innovative enhanced packaging.

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11.Anti-counterfeiting verification tutorial.

Enter the verification website (xtdoll.com/anti-fake), enter the verification card code in the doll you received, and click Verify.

XTDOLL is constantly launching new features and options. Welcome to follow us. We will continue to update more brand information.

Automatic Oral Sex Function

Can be used with remote control or continuously variable speed control. Dolls with TPE heads or ROS heads can be mounted using this feature.

ROS Head Oral Heating

ROS silicone head, with a real mouth, all dolls with mouth channels can customize this function

Electric Hip Function (Plug in)

In principle, electric hips can only be used on some fixed bodies. With our continuous exploration, we support bodies above 140cm/4ft7 to use this function.

Vagina Automatic Clamp _ Suck

We have multiple versions of controllers for clamping and sucking. This video shows the moaning function and vaginal sucking integrated switch.

Body Heating Function

The body heating function can make the doll's body reach a temperature close to the human body, making it more comfortable to touch. It is best to make the doll lie flat when heating.

Touch Moan Function

5-point pronunciation: Touching the breasts, buttocks, and vagina will cause sexual moans and bring you the ultimate sensory enjoyment.