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Genuine Authorized Distributor - Honeylovedoll

Honeylovedoll is an authorized sex doll distributor. Honeylovedoll provides cost-effective/affordable sex dolls with good quality for doll lovers all over the world.

Product Features

  • Safe medical material

All Honeylovedoll sex dolls are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Our TPE sex dolls are all made of medical TPE material. Less oil seepage, no peculiar smell, soft and elastic skin texture, highly imitating human skin, harmless to human body. Cheaper than Silicone but not as durable as Silicone and easy to stain. More care is required for proper cleaning and maintenance. Our silicone dolls are moderately firm. Delicate and realistic heads come to life. The doll's skin is also refined, including wrinkled skin around the joints, blood vessels, and skin texture, reproducing a realistic, smooth real-life feel. The breasts, buttocks and vagina are specially treated for a soft and comfortable feel. It has been treated to reduce weight and make it more convenient to use. Although more expensive than TPE, I think she is worth it

  • Vagina, anus and oral

Our sex dolls have vagina, anus and mouth . Please note: Normal silicone head cannot be used for oral sex. But we have developed a silicone head that can open its mouth. In order to meet the needs and experience of customers, every part of the doll is highly restored to reproduce the internal structure of human organs. She perfectly matches the size of the customers's genitals, giving the feeling of having sex with a real person.

  • Full body movable EVO skeleton

A highly mimicked artificial skeleton is built into the love doll's body. Shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrists, knee joints, ankles and other parts can be moved with a high degree of freedom. Can do a variety of human-like poses and movements. This provides customers with an immersive sex experience and even more fun. See the picture below for details.

*For other premium features check out our sex doll options info

  • Ordering and shipping

Honeylovedoll supports credit cards and Paypal. We use anti-fraud (SSL encrypted) technology to ensure your security.

Is Shipping to My Country Free?

Internationalfree shipping for normal products ; Free of shipping and tax for products stored in warehouse ; Only applicable to buyers in the country in which the warehouse is located. (In very rare remote areas, additional shipping charges may be added.) Free shipping + Countries Free from Parcel Tax:United States, Japan. Free shipping + Countries Free from Parcel TaxUnder Certain Conditions: EU countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore,Malaysia(Note: If you chooseto have the import parcel tax covered by seller, delivery periods takes double as long. If you pay your own tax, the purchaser will be required to provide proof of purchase and payment amount to your local customs.) Free shipping + Countriesthat have Parcel Tax: United Kingdom, Norway. Free shipping + But require buyer to clear customs:South American countries, India, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, No-sale Areas: Islamic countries in the Middle East, Turkey.Warning: If you reside in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, it advised not to do buy a sex dolls under 140cm. Sex dolls under 140cm are confiscated at customs. Any loss caused by spot checks will be solely borne by the buyer.

How Long Does it Take for Shipping?

In Stock: 3-7 days delivery
Custom sex doll: After receiving payment, it takes 1 to 3 business days to manufacture your doll and an additional 5 to 7 days for shipment. Custom sex dolls can take up to a month to produce depending upon the degree of customization. Most sex dolls will arrive after seven days of placing your order.

Will My Package be Discreet?
Our consideration of your privacy is foremost. We use durable, plain shipping boxes with no identifiable labeling or brand markings. You can relax. The confidentiality of the contents of your package is assured every time.

How to Get My Tracking Number?
A tracking number is emailed to you as soon as your doll is ready to ship. You can also log in to the website and enter your personal account to make inquiries

Can I Cancel My Order?
Yes, you can! Please send your cancellation request to support@honeylovedoll.com as soon as possible. Some cancellation and restocking fees may apply depending on when you notify us of your cancellation

Can I Return the Sex Doll?
If you receive your doll and find damage or quality issues, please contact us immediately. If the damage was due to our negligence, we accept returns or exchange at no cost to you. As our customer, your complete satisfaction is our priority. During the production and packaging processes, we closely manage each and every step to guarantee that 99.9% of these dolls are perfect in every way. For more information, please visit Shipping & Returns. 


Automatic Oral Sex Function

Can be used with remote control or continuously variable speed control. Dolls with TPE heads or ROS heads can be mounted using this feature.

ROS Head Oral Heating

ROS silicone head, with a real mouth, all dolls with mouth channels can customize this function

Electric Hip Function (Plug in)

In principle, electric hips can only be used on some fixed bodies. With our continuous exploration, we support bodies above 140cm/4ft7 to use this function.

Vagina Automatic Clamp _ Suck

We have multiple versions of controllers for clamping and sucking. This video shows the moaning function and vaginal sucking integrated switch.

Body Heating Function

The body heating function can make the doll's body reach a temperature close to the human body, making it more comfortable to touch. It is best to make the doll lie flat when heating.

Touch Moan Function

5-point pronunciation: Touching the breasts, buttocks, and vagina will cause sexual moans and bring you the ultimate sensory enjoyment.