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Do They Make Male Sex Dolls for Women?

Sep 26,2023 | colin

Yes, there are male sex dolls designed for women. These dolls cater to diverse preferences and provide options for female pleasure and companionship.

New 'Robohunk' sex doll for women

Design and Features of Male Sex Dolls

The design of male sex dolls has evolved tremendously over the years, striving for increased realism and usability. As a reflection of diverse human features, these dolls can now be tailored to meet individual preferences. Coupled with the surge in technology, the static, lifeless mannequins of the past have given way to more interactive robotic counterparts, offering a more engaging experience.

Physical Characteristics and Customizability

The first thing most buyers notice about a sex doll is its physical appearance. Modern male sex dolls often boast:

  • Lifelike skin texture: Made from materials such as TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or silicone, these skins are soft, stretchy, and closely mimic the feel of human skin.
  • Detailed facial features: Eyes, nose, lips, and other facial features are intricately designed to emulate real human faces. Some brands even offer the option of custom-designed faces based on photos.
  • Body proportionality: From muscular to slender builds, the body types available cater to diverse aesthetic tastes.
  • Customizable genitalia: Depending on the manufacturer, the size, shape, and other attributes can be chosen to fit personal preferences.

Technological Advancements: From Static to Robotic

Technology has transformed the once stationary male sex dolls into dynamic companions with several features:

  • Articulated skeletons: Most high-end dolls come with a fully articulated metal skeleton, allowing them to pose in various positions.
  • Heating systems: Some dolls are equipped with internal heating, making their bodies warm to the touch, adding to the realism.
  • Realistic responses: With advancements in AI, certain models can now respond to touch, voice, and other stimuli. This is made possible by integrating sensors and actuators.
  • Voice and connectivity: Contemporary dolls might feature voice capabilities, enabling conversation. Furthermore, some can connect to the internet, accessing updates or new interaction patterns.


The Demand and Market Trends

The surge in the male sex doll industry reflects a shifting societal paradigm. As society becomes more open to discussing and understanding sexuality, consumer demands evolve, leading to notable trends in the market. Within this evolving landscape, two primary factors stand out: the rising popularity among women and the diverse reasons women are turning to these dolls.

Popularity Among Women: Stats and Figures

In recent years, the male sex doll market has witnessed a remarkable uptick in demand. Key indicators include:

  • Sales Data: Many leading manufacturers report a steady increase in sales of male sex dolls year over year. For instance, a recent market analysis indicates that male dolls now account for nearly 20% of all sex doll sales.
  • Online Communities: Numerous online forums and social media groups dedicated to male sex dolls have sprung up, indicating a growing community of enthusiasts and potential buyers.
  • Increased Variety: The increasing variety in the designs of male sex dolls, ranging from celebrity look-alikes to fantasy-themed models, underscores the expanding market.
  • Mainstream Acceptance: Pop culture references, media coverage, and increased public discourse further attest to the growing acceptance and curiosity surrounding male sex dolls.

Reasons for Purchasing: Companionship vs. Intimacy

The decision to purchase a male sex doll is multifaceted, stemming from various motivations:

  • Physical Intimacy: For many, the primary reason remains physical intimacy. The lifelike design and interactive features provide a means to explore and fulfill sexual desires in a safe, personal environment.
  • Emotional Companionship: Contrary to popular belief, not all buyers solely seek physical intimacy. Many purchasers, particularly those who have faced loneliness or the loss of a partner, see these dolls as companions, offering comfort and alleviating feelings of isolation.
  • Art and Aesthetics: A segment of buyers is drawn to the sheer artistry and aesthetics of these dolls, often purchasing them as collectibles or artistic pieces.
  • Experimentation and Exploration: For some, male sex dolls offer a risk-free avenue to explore their sexuality, fantasies, or even address certain sexual dysfunctions.

Materials and Safety Concerns

The construction and durability of male sex dolls are pivotal for ensuring both user satisfaction and safety. The industry has made significant strides in adopting materials that are not only realistic but also safe for intimate use. However, with these advancements come necessary precautions and maintenance recommendations to guarantee product longevity and user well-being.

Commonly Used Materials

Today's male sex dolls are primarily crafted from the following:

  • Silicone: Known for its durability and lifelike texture, silicone is a popular choice. It's non-porous, hypoallergenic, and resistant to heat. The material captures intricate details, making it ideal for realistic facial features.

  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer): A blend of polymers, TPE is softer than silicone, making it more flexible. It is also more porous, which requires specific care.

  • Internal Skeletons: Typically made of metal, these articulated skeletons enable the dolls to assume various postures, adding to their realism.

Health and Maintenance Recommendations

To ensure user safety and maximize the lifespan of the dolls:

  • Regular Cleaning: Especially with TPE dolls, regular cleaning after use with mild soap and water is essential to prevent bacterial buildup.

  • Safe Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, preferably away from direct sunlight, to prevent material degradation.

  • Use of Lubricants: Always opt for water-based lubricants to ensure material compatibility and longevity.

  • Avoid Sharp Objects: To prevent tearing or puncturing, handle with care and avoid contact with sharp objects.

DHDOLL® Johny 180 cm (5.9 ') Cabeza de silicona masculina + TPE Body Sex  Doll Love Doll Model Props (No.2291)

Ethical and Social Implications

The proliferation of male sex dolls, like any emergent technology, has generated its share of ethical debates and societal discussions. From their role in society to the surrounding stigmas, it's crucial to dissect and understand these implications.

The Role of Sex Dolls in Society

The place of male sex dolls in our societal fabric is multifaceted:

  • Therapeutic Uses: Some professionals advocate for sex dolls' use as therapeutic tools, assisting individuals with social anxieties, trauma, or sexual dysfunctions.

  • Reduction in Human Trafficking: Some believe that the accessibility of sex dolls could serve as an alternative, potentially reducing the demand for illegal human trafficking.

  • Solitude and Social Isolation: While many find comfort and companionship, critics argue that over-reliance might exacerbate feelings of isolation or deter individuals from seeking real human connections.

Addressing Stigmas and Misconceptions

As with many topics related to sexuality:

  • Moral Concerns: Some individuals, rooted in cultural or religious beliefs, may find the concept of sex dolls immoral or inappropriate.

  • Misunderstandings about Users: There's a prevalent misconception that only "lonely" or "desperate" individuals resort to such dolls, which overlooks the varied reasons people have, from art collection to therapeutic benefits.

  • The Uncanny Valley: As dolls become increasingly lifelike, they sometimes elicit feelings of unease, a phenomenon known as the uncanny valley.

Real-Life Experiences and Testimonials

Delving into real-life experiences provides invaluable insights into the world of male sex dolls. Personal stories shed light on motivations, experiences, and the impact these products have on the lives of their users.

Women Who Have Purchased Male Sex Dolls

A range of women, from various backgrounds and age groups, have ventured into buying male sex dolls:

  • Jane, a 34-year-old artist: "For me, it began as an art project. But soon, I started appreciating the company of the doll. It became a mix of aesthetics and companionship."

  • Lisa, a 50-year-old widow: "After my husband passed away, the loneliness was unbearable. My doll doesn't replace him, but it does offer comfort on tough nights."

  • Michelle, a 28-year-old therapist: "I purchased one out of curiosity. It's become an interesting tool in my self-exploration journey, both emotionally and physically."

Benefits and Challenges Shared by Users


  • Safety: Many women find comfort in knowing they can explore their desires without the risks associated with real partners, such as STIs or emotional complications.

  • Empowerment: Owning and using a male sex doll can be an empowering experience, allowing women to take charge of their sexuality.

  • Companionship: Beyond the physical, many users find emotional solace in their dolls, reducing feelings of isolation.


  • Maintenance: Keeping the doll clean and in good condition requires effort, which some users find cumbersome.

  • Social Stigma: Owning a male sex doll can lead to judgment or misunderstanding from peers or family.

REALING丨5尺9男性性玩偶 - Allen-Honeylovedoll

Purchasing and Price Ranges

Entering the market of male sex dolls requires understanding where to buy, what to consider, and the investment involved.

Where to Buy and Things to Consider

  • Online Retailers: Websites like RealDoll and Silicone Lovers offer a vast array of options. When purchasing, always ensure the retailer is reputable to guarantee quality and safety.

  • Customization Options: Many manufacturers provide options to tailor the doll's appearance, from facial features to body type. Some even offer AI integrations for interactive experiences.

  • Read Reviews: Given the investment, it's wise to research user reviews and testimonials. This can provide insights into the doll's longevity, realism, and potential issues.

Affordability and Financing Options

  • Price Range: Depending on the material, customization, and technology involved, male sex dolls can range from $1,000 to over $15,000. The more lifelike and technologically advanced, the higher the price tag.

  • Financing: Some retailers offer installment plans or financing options, allowing users to pay over time.

  • Consider the Longevity: While the upfront cost can be significant, a high-quality male sex doll can last for years with proper care, making it a long-term investment.