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Introduction To Starpery Sex Dolls

Starpery Heating System 3.0

Starpery Heating System 3.0
  • Use Graphene material
  • Full body rapid heating within 30 minutes (chest/belly/back/vagina/hip/thigh/calf – 11 areas)
  • Intellectual circulatory heating, with high efficiency
  • High temperature power off protection, safer
  • Exclusive APP intelligent display heating, more intuitive understanding of heating progress
  • Body temperature can be maintained for at least 2 hours after power off

Starpery Clamp & Sucking Function 2.0 (Only for Silicone Dolls)

There are two buttons on the device, the left one is switch button, the right one is the mode button.

Switch button: Press and hold for 2 seconds, then switch on/off the device( please note there are moaning function together with this device, and click twice can turn off the sound, we will explain this moaning later)

Mode button: There are three modes, first mode is with a smooth speed and force; second mode is with a faster speed and greater intensity than 1st one; and third mode is suitable for the orgasmic.

The new clamp&sucking version is more beautiful(shape), enhanced power and also improve our experience(function).

About Charge: will be fully charged in 1 hour with a 2A 5V charger, and can work continuously for about 2 hours.

Download link: click to download

Discover more amazing realistic TPE&silicone sex dolls on www.Honeylovedoll.com. We have sorted all the lifelike sex dolls into different categories, except for the sex doll brand categor

Automatic Oral Sex Function

Can be used with remote control or continuously variable speed control. Dolls with TPE heads or ROS heads can be mounted using this feature.

ROS Head Oral Heating

ROS silicone head, with a real mouth, all dolls with mouth channels can customize this function

Electric Hip Function (Plug in)

In principle, electric hips can only be used on some fixed bodies. With our continuous exploration, we support bodies above 140cm/4ft7 to use this function.

Vagina Automatic Clamp _ Suck

We have multiple versions of controllers for clamping and sucking. This video shows the moaning function and vaginal sucking integrated switch.

Body Heating Function

The body heating function can make the doll's body reach a temperature close to the human body, making it more comfortable to touch. It is best to make the doll lie flat when heating.

Touch Moan Function

5-point pronunciation: Touching the breasts, buttocks, and vagina will cause sexual moans and bring you the ultimate sensory enjoyment.